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The head of a woman in courtly dress. Her head flips open, a small man jumps out and shouts
The head of a woman wearing a moth as a hairstyle.
A head with a figure on the hair pulling up the arms
An animal sitting on the head of a man
an axolotl
a woman with a grasshopper hat
a woman in the style of modigliani
a woman with a stag beetle as a top
a woman's head with a butterfly
a woman with mood swings
a woman as a bird trader
a woman with an umbrella in bad weather
a runner
a head with pins in the brain
A red drawn woman holding a black cat on her lap
people and animals with masks
a couple dancing at a folk festival
A camel neck fly as a headdress
sisi queen of austria

Welcome to the homepage of the Austrian artist Lisa Althaus 
She shows paintings, drawings, monotypes, fine art prints and objects.

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